Letters to the Editor

Humphrey letter: Labrador’s commentary

I wonder what Mr. Labrador’s reaction would be to a group of armed Muslims who took over a federal government facility, refusing to leave until their demands were met. Make references to Thoreau and call it a simple act of civil disobedience?

Secondly, I would remind Labrador that not all his despised “liberals” are Easterners. Some of us are, gasp, Idahoans, and we are his constituents, too. While we don't believe for a second that Labrador will make the slightest effort to represent us, he can at least stop referring to us in such a hateful, derogatory fashion. He does that a lot. After all, if anyone in his family gets Social Security or Medicare benefits, they can thank a progressive.

Finally, please note that federal lands within our state borders were not stolen from the people of Idaho. They belong to us all, even those evil Eastern liberals. And those of us who are not members of special interest groups who would profit handsomely from such a turnover, prefer that these lands remain under federal control. Imperfect as they are, Washington bureaucrats at least are charged with the responsibility of representing all Americans.

Doug Humphrey, Meridian