Letters to the Editor

Bryant letter: Refuge takeover

Memo to the Welfare Redneck Cowboys, who are squatting on the government (yours and mine) lands — will you please smarten up and go back home. The government lands are not for you or any other special interests’ benefit. I implore Bundy to do his research. Oh wait, that might be way above his head. What grade did he finish in school?

Did they leave their brains sitting on the toilet when they left home for this dim-witted charade?

People of the government (all of you) think about this. If the lands, now under federal jurisdiction, were to be returned to anyone; they should be returned to the original rightful occupants, the Native Americans.

Federal lands are held for all to enjoy. Bundy and associates, pay your dues and get over it. Why should “We the People” support their lame cause? They are stealing from the rest of us. Their family wishes to graze our lands without paying for the use.

By the way, how much time and money is being spent and wasted by other agencies for this absolutely obtuse event?

Bringing firearms into the mix, how dim can you be?

Linda Bryant, Emmett