Letters to the Editor

Marsh letter: Recreation District

Mountain Home’s decision to prosper hangs in the balance of Art Nelson’s and Judy Mayne’s upcoming cancellation of the Western Elmore County Recreation District building under construction wasting over 900,000 tax dollars. Why?

Both Nelson and Mayne participated in the Community Leadership Development Committee in 2010 and made significant facility recommendations to the WECRD: Nelson, programs/facility sub-committee, Mayne, finance sub-committee. And the design was vetted by a citizen building committee that worked for months ‘getting the most bang for the buck.’

Nelson and Mayne have presented no new financial, operational, management or construction plans — not even basic dimensions. To terminate ongoing construction of a 100 percent paid for recreation facility (savings and 2016 revenue) and begin all over without any plan is risking much. Why?

In a Dec. 30, 2015 email to the district, Nelson wrote, “There will be no more FOIA requests for public information … Big changes coming … I’m going to charge down that road with a vengeance.” Jan. 1, Nelson notarized his oath of office without the knowledge of the WECRD attorney, directors or staff. The Elmore County Prosecutor concluded his oath — invalid. Does this foreshadow Nelson’s future governance and public accountability?

Mollie Marsh, vice president, WECRD, Mountain Home