Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Hillary Clinton

Like many 86-year-old seniors, my interest in American politics has spanned several decades. Reading the amusing political observations of Mark Twain and Will Rogers previously discouraged me from becoming actively involved with any political party or candidate.

Alarming changes in American politics in the past seven years finally convinced me to make the conversion from passive political spectator to active participant. It became apparent to me the Conservative Republican Party has now become the Right Wing Obstructionist Party.

Their total lack of respect for a democratically elected president and hateful rhetoric has continued non-stop for seven years. These 23/7 verbal attacks by Republican leaders and their barking junkyard dogs on radio and one major television network has reached a new low in political discourse.

This behavior convinced me the new Republican Party is no longer qualified to lead. Dividing America North and South didn’t work and creating bitterly divided Red and Blue states is not the future America deserves. I became active by creating “Hillary Foot Soldiers” in Boise. She is clearly the most qualified 2016 presidential candidate based on her intelligence, experience, temperament and toughness with the skills to restore civility in government.

Alston Jones, Garden City