Letters to the Editor

Carter letter: Trail system

Discussion has taken place for expanding the Ridge-to-Rivers trail system in Barber Valley. I commend and appeal to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, hold steadfast to the mission — do not allow more trails in the Wildlife Management Area. The city adopted development plans SPO1 and SPO2 with the requirement of wildlife and habitat protection plans. New trails violate these protections. That should be it, period.

For the benefit of discussion, many trail users have proven not to be good stewards, disregarding trail rules such as seasonal closures, using the trails when wet, and allowing dogs to run off-leash. Self-regulation has proven not to work. Advocates for expansion will protest, saying a few bad apples ruin it for others. With an abundant trail system throughout the Foothills, the long term health of the wildlife we cohabitate with should prevail and the area preserved with the adoption of SP01 and SP02. We don’t always get what we want; for most, this is what’s wanted.

If Boise residents truly “walk the talk” regarding the values they espouse for wildlife and the habitat they require to survive, they would place a premium on this section of Foothills. Facts, IDFG website.

Sandy Carter, Boise