Letters to the Editor

Carmack letter: Today’s teens

When I am introducing myself, I often hear this reaction to my job: “Wow — how do you do that?” This reaction is usually followed by degrading comments about teens. I am a high school teacher.

Are some of today’s teens narcissistic? Absolutely. Do some of them need to get their act together? Definitely. But they are the minority.

In my opinion, the volume of one’s voice or actions ought not to multiply the event. Just because I have one disrespectful student in class shouldn’t diminish the fact that I have many wonderful students who aren’t loud.

It is important to me to represent the kids — the majority of them. It doesn’t seem right to me that we assume the worst in teens. I know them. I know them personally. There are many good ones. Just this past month, I had a class make me a surprise thank you poster at the end of the semester. When my T.A. didn’t finish a project, he offered to take it home to finish. These kids are not all bad. Please don’t lump them together with disapproving labels. The good ones will always be there, and in my opinion, they are the quiet majority.

Breanna Carmack, Meridian