Letters to the Editor

Torre letter: Refugees

Rocky Barker wrote an opinion piece in the Nov. 22 Statesman trying desperately to characterize American reaction to rejecting Syrian refugees as exclusively fear-based and offer the equally preposterous view that the U.S. Immigration Department is able to dispatch its duties efficiently. Nonsense.

The Western civilizations have been at a defensive war with Muslims and radical Islamists since Charles Martell turned back an invasion at Tours in 732 AD. In 1571 by the Italians, 1683 in the battle of Vienna and countless confrontations since then including NYC on 9/11, and now Paris.

Are we all mad? This is an epic battle of civilizations. The refugees are pawns in the ISIS plot to destabilize Europe and plant terrorists. They are overwhelming Sunni, the very group ISIS claims to protect against Shiites and Kurds.

The current ISIS strategy is working despite recent failures in the field. Why can’t Barker and our numb government grasp these facts and protect its citizenry rather than expose them to further attack? It is not fear, it is common sense.

Richard Torre, Eagle