Letters to the Editor

Osuna letter: Venezuelans

Many immigrants came to the United States to get better education and their government abandoned them. This is the biggest issue for all Venezuelan students around the United States. Carlos Moreno is a student body president of the Salt Lake Community College, who is helping in this critical situation. Venezuela’s government did not want to approve a currency exchange because they say that it is not important to receive a good education abroad. More than 10,000 Venezuelans in the United States are abandoned by their government. Most of the students who are holding a student visa cannot work off campus because of their visa. Also, they cannot apply for financial aid. How can these Venezuelans survive? Is there any solution as refugees for us? Some students have family so they can live with them and help others. But it is not the case for all. Some of them can be sleeping at MacDonald’s because they do not have money to pay for a room. Students don’t even have money to go back home. Recently in Washington there is a federal law, which will help Venezuelan students to better themselves and the world as doctors, astronauts, nurses, negotiators and engineers.

Rosselyn Osuna, Boise