Letters to the Editor

Miller letter: Clean energy

Rep. Jeff Thompson’s attack on President Obama’s Clean Power Plan and his demand that Idaho sue to kill it rehashes many inaccuracies embraced by climate skeptics who, all evidence to the contrary, deny our climate is changing and that burning coal is largely to blame.

Joining the band of states suing EPA to protect deadly climate-changing coal emissions will burnish Idaho’s shocking reputation for feckless lawsuits against Uncle Sam. Too much is at risk to treat Idahoans as an ATM for political legal gambits like this one.

Far from threatening America’s economy, combating climate change and building a robust clean energy economy means more jobs and clean, reliable electricity at little or no added cost. There is no foundation for Rep. Thompson’s claims Idaho electricity prices will rise 11 percent. Moreover, he makes no mention of the health toll inflicted on Idahoans by burning coal.

Rep. Thompson accuses Obama of chasing a legacy “as a champion of environmental causes.” Were that more Idaho officials came to the same conclusions reached by Gov. Butch Otter and Idaho’s utility regulators: Climate change is here and threatening what Idahoans hold dear: Clean air, clean water and a resilient economy.

Ken Miller, Snake River Alliance, Boise