Letters to the Editor

Marchbanks letter: Clean energy

Rep. Jeff Thompson’s guest opinion of Nov. 20 is inopposition to the EPA’s new rules, which discourage reliance on fossil and other extractive, polluting energy sources while encouraging alternatives. While not his intent, his words actually give reason to support the new regs.

No so long ago, most conservatives denied global warming altogether. While today, most acknowledge climate change, the party line seems to be that human activity has nothing to do with it. Yet, Rep. Thompson acknowledges that the EPA’s carbon plan will, indeed, reduce global temperatures. And, Mr. Thompson, when we are talking about only a few degrees having a catastrophic effect on our planet, “a small fraction of a degree” is significant.

He states, without source, that the rules will cause electricity rates to “soar.” We know that Idaho Power recently attempted to boost its customer rate base with $180 million (up front) worth of updates to its out of state coal plants. This would not be allowed under the new rules. That rate increase was provisionally denied by the PUC, dependent in large part on whether the EPA carbon plan is enacted. Our rates are going up, regardless.

Brent Marchbanks, Boise