Letters to the Editor

Cain letter: Refugees

There is, and can be, no believable “vetting” of refugees. The Boston bombers were “vetted” and “screened.” In Boise, refugee Kurbanov had been “vetted” and “screened.” This federal government cannot even guard the Mexican border, much less “screen” Middle Eastern terrorists and enemies. How much is all this “background checking” costing? The ORR/Refugee Resettlement are eating up $10-to-$20 billion per year if you include all free social services (food stamps, welfare, SSI disability, etc.) given to the incoming refugees, according to Sen. Jeff Sessions. This does not even include the costs of the Boston bomber investigation and trial, the Kurbanov FBI investigation and trial, the same with the Somalis, Iraqis, etc. The FBI has investigations in every state right now. This is billions of dollars which, if they are not being borrowed from China or taken out of the Social Security fund, should be going to American citizens and our own homeless, veterans, students and seniors. Every reader should demand that Reps. Simpson, Labrador and House Speaker Paul Ryan cut off the funding for the refugee racket, immediately, including the millions of dollars sent to World Relief, Jannus and the IRC in Boise.

Jim Cain, Meridian