Letters to the Editor

Woodall letter: Liberal writers

Like most of us in this Red State, the continued overwhelming inclusion of articles and opinions expressly attacking and disparaging any and current conservative values and candidates is getting ridiculous and monotonous. Latest: two opinions, one from Tom Yount, and the other from Monroe Bradley — Bergdahl chose to go AWOL in a combat zone, not in the safe ole U.S. That’s desertion plain and simple. MP Yount should know better. Looking for an AWOL soldier in the U.S. is not the same as looking for an AWOL soldier in a combat zone. Lives are at stake. Regarding the candidates — Using disparaging language for the candidates, all of whom have shown outstanding leadership and success in both government and business, shows Bradley’s ideology is strident and basically doesn’t understand how current liberal ideas have failed. Where is his little “got ya’s” on Hillary and Bernie? Does “Liar” enter the discussion? Finally, note that Statesman is now using more and more articles drawn from the liberal media establishment.

Thomas J. Woodall, Lt. Col. Retired, Boise