Letters to the Editor

Nobbs letter: Public lands

I’m writing this in response to the dialogue we’ve seen in the Statehouse and in the newspapers in Idaho over the last few years that’s been happening among some of our more extremist politicians. There has been a small group of them advocating for the state to takeover our federally managed public lands. I have lived in Idaho my entire life and I am adamantly opposed to the state taking over and selling off our public land heritage to out-of-state interests who are looking to exploit our resources and our citizens. As I look across our great state, I see the connection that I have seen for years between Idahoans and our access to the incredible places that make us so unique. Any decisions that we make regarding the management of our public land need to guard against those that aim to take that land from us. We need special interests and political agendas to take a back seat and let the interests of Idahoans prevail. Say no to the state takeover of our public property rights and yes to open access to our wild places.

Verlynn Nobbs, McCall