Letters to the Editor

Fanchon letter: Buyer beware

A word from the now-wiser to the blissfully unknowing citizen. Do you know of someone who works for a heating, ventilation and air conditioning company? Do you think you can get their professional services at a discounted rate? Maybe at first, but not likely in the end. When getting your furnace serviced this season by a professional, regardless of your relationship with the technician, be sure to get an invoice and save it. Many HVAC companies proudly promote 100 percent satisfaction guarantees so you think you don’t have any worries about the future. Wrong. If the service technician does not provide you with an invoice, no matter the reason for the service, if something is not done correctly, or perhaps missed the first time, or worst-case scenario, done in an unsafe manner putting you and your loved ones at risk, there’s a very good chance the service technician’s employer will not fulfill their promoted promise of customer satisfaction by providing necessary remedies. Although the employer knows that it was their technician that provided the service, without an invoice you could be left out in the cold and in a not-so-jolly situation. Beware, not all businesses care.

Jeannie Fanchon, Meridian