Letters to the Editor

Sweaney letter: Iraq wars

Before George W. Bush sent our troops into Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom, he told our nation two distinct things about the war on terrorism: 1) This war will be a different kind of war. Bush 43 was so true on that. We were about to engage in a war where our military would hardly ever see our enemy face to face but would have to root them out. 2) The war on terrorism would be a long war. Again George W. Bush was correct. Why would Dan Appel, in Nov. 9 letter, say that “hearings” would be necessary to examine why we went to war here? Remember the playing cards of the various terrorists that the military was given to exterminate or capture? We were successful in this endeavor. Fallujah alone being conquered was a prime example. Who the devil do you think that we were fighting against, people? “No weapons of mass destruction.” People are still crying about that. Ask the Kurds, who had many of their people killed by mustard gas. Operation Iraqi Freedom took out thousands of terrorists who “just happened” to be in Iraq. The controversial President Barack Hussein Obama dropped the ball.

Doug Sweaney, Caldwell