Letters to the Editor

Devlin letter: Refugees

Political leaders of Idaho, please reconsider your opinion regarding Syrian refugees. We are fortunate to have a rich and positive history of accepting refugees in Boise. I work with refugee families and I know firsthand that they are humble, gracious and hardworking individuals. Refugees are survivors who desire a better and safer life for their families. They are engineers, farmers, physicians, teachers, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers who have endured more than most of us can ever imagine. These families are fleeing religious and ethnic persecutions, similar to our own ancestors generations ago. The negative response and rejection towards refugees becomes another win for terrorists. Perpetuating feelings of mistrust is not positive leadership but rather continued fear mongering. I would challenge our leaders or anyone in doubt of the integrity and intention of refugees in the United States to spend some time with refugees. They have suffered immense loss and have embarked on a world of unknowns with the hope of peace, safety and acceptance. Please, let’s show the same compassion that was once given to our families.

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddles masses yearning to breathe free ...” (The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island).

Katherine Kaiser Devlin, Boise