Letters to the Editor

Blaine letter: West Ada trustees

It looks as though the West Ada School District has decided to make a mockery of our education system along with Common Core. More concerned about the happenings of former Superintendent Linda Clark and her contract rather than the well-being of our children’s education. Recently, Russ Joki cited “violations of principals in the code of ethics for Idaho Professional Educators, including breach of contract or abandonment of employment and professionalism,” when referring to Clark’s contract.

To the remaining board of directors, I think this would be the time to listen to your leader and listen to the words coming out of his mouth. It seems that you, too, have abandoned professionalism and have forgotten about the code of ethics for Idaho Professional Educators. Can we not move on without making this about you and a board that is now become a house divided?

Julie Madsen, in response to the recall against her, recently said that, “recalls are designed to protect the public from elected officials who demonstrate corruption or incompetence.” In no way am I defending Clark or her contract, but is this handling of the entire situation not about as incompetent as it gets?

Ryan Blaine, Meridian