Letters to the Editor

Grigg letter: Owyhee Monument

Regarding Owyhee Monument proposal — Big laugh. “Major roads and routes will remain open to safeguard hunting, fishing, rafting and camping.” Try taking your family in your family car to view the scenic Canyonlands. Start at the south of the main Owyhee Lake and drive south parallel to the river on either side down to Rome and see how far you get. For the main part there are very few decent roads. Just look on an Oregon road map or an Oregon recreation map and you will find a campground at Leslie Gulch, accessible by a road from Rockville. There is a Canyon overlook on a road south of Danner toward White Horse in Jordan Valley. And that is it. That is why our county is the poorest county in Oregon.

Please join me by signing an online petition to Congress to transfer public lands except present set-asides back to the states for private ownership and development. Go to: americanlandscouncil.org. Good for any resident of the Western states.

Dick Grigg, Nyssa, Ore.