Letters to the Editor

Bryant letter: Lynching murals

I’m writing in reference to the debate about the Idaho lynching murals. I believe we have come to a point in time that we are too worried about political correctness. Leave it up as it portrays a part of our state history, sad but true. Take it down as it may be offensive to the American Indian population. You can argue the points either way as long as you want. The problem I see is we as a people seem to want to have it both ways. Case in point, what is the disposition of the Mississippi state flag as displayed at City Hall? I believe the mayor had it taken down as it is portrayed as offensive to African-Americans. Why don’t we treat the murals with the same world view? I believe both should be displayed. Why hide what was as it won’t change what is, our history? We all need to take another lesson.

Al Bryant, Boise