Letters to the Editor

Studley letter: Refugees

A few days ago, I watched as thousands of people fled the carnage inside the Bataclan concert hall. Escape from the building was their best hope.

Hundreds of thousands have fled the main force of that same terrorist organization. Some unable to escape were killed, while others were enslaved and forced to help terrorists. Escape from that area was the best hope for those refugees.

Those who escaped Bataclan were accepted, sheltered and protected by nearby Parisians. The humanity and generosity of those strangers stands in sharp contrast to the inhumanity and cold-bloodedness of the killers they escaped.

Will those who tried to flee terrorism in Syria be allowed to escape? Or be forced back inside? Will they find humanity and shelter in our homeland? Or will they find inhumanity and cold-blooded rejection?

To refuse them, to ignore their fear and suffering, to send them back to face the merciless guns, is inhuman, and furthers the goals of the terrorists. If we are opposed to terrorists, opposed to their inhumanity, we must let our humanity guide us. Like those who welcomed and sheltered people who escaped from Bataclan, we must welcome and shelter refugees who escaped the terrorists in Syria.

Andrew Studley, Kuna