Letters to the Editor

Nicholas letter: Refugees

Twenty-five U.S. governors demonstrated Benito Mussolini’s principles of fascism by openly rejecting refugees, be they Syrian, Abyssinians, Palestinians, Egyptians, Argentinians or Alabamians. By grouping all refugees by association to the likes of ISIS terrorists is clear evidence of fascist political elements. If there is an understandable support for rejection of the refugees by the citizens of those states, represented by their governors, then I personally have to conclude that these United States have truly become fascist and no longer a democratic representative nation. Let’s reopen the concentration camps that once held Japanese-Americans and place all refugees there ... and begin the interrogation of all suspected terrorists. Men, women and children. Thus reviving the “camps” of fascist infamy. Let’s wholeheartedly support all the fascist governors.

Robert Nicholas, Boise