Letters to the Editor

Burge letter: Muslim influence

I don’t know where the notion got started, but it’s so ridiculous, it deserves no merit or perpetuity. This idea that was probably hatched by a disgruntled atheist is so far out to even be discussed, makes me loathe the idea. It’s bad enough for radical sympathizers to even be discussing Sharia law in this country, which is another idea that cannot come to fruition. We appear to be going the wrong way with our so-called nonacceptance, and rejection of Islam and its radical, religious beliefs. The news media and its buddies the Democrats continue to look the other way and refuse to lift a finger or say a word in protest of the creep of Islam/Muslim influence on our daily lives and future way of life. Just think. Seriously. What a tragedy. Beware. And be aware of mosques and refugees coming to America. This is not good for Idaho and America.

Bill Burge, Orofino