Letters to the Editor

Austin letter: West Ada School District

West Ada School District, please help me continue to be a supporter.

I have supported every school bond and levy measure for the last 40 years, so I was disappointed to read that the new Hillsdale Elementary School will open in August 2016 with a “temporary” library, according to Joe Yochum, the new interim superintendent. It is unbelievable that the school district designed the school totally dependent on the Meridian Library Bond passing last week. What were you thinking? A “temporary” library is not an acceptable solution.

With the new elementary school already $4.5 million over budget, I wonder what other educational limitations the students will find when the school opens.

I fully support the partnership between the school district and the Meridian Library District, but to design a new school that was totally dependent on the library bond passing was a foolish mistake. I am disappointed in the school board and central office administration for asking voters to support the construction of a new elementary school that does not include a fully functional library.

Sorry, but next time you ask me for money, I might be inclined to vote no.

Joe Austin, Meridian