Letters to the Editor

Jensen letter: Too great to hate

A recent column by Rocky Barker, “Is our state too great to hate?” informs that 200 Idahoans protested “against” and wanted to “close a refugee center in Twin Falls.”

Quite aside from that callousness, there is another consideration. Given the realities of our world, none of us is really safe from ending up a refugee. In the recent past, numerous governments have been overthrown/debilitated. Do not be complacent, there may be very little to prevent a similar misfortune befalling us.

Remember the dysfunction that entered our usually comfortable lives as a result of the Christmas Eve power outage a few years ago? Remember the crime and chaos that followed power outages on the East Coast? The not-inconceivable loss of electricity, on a large scale and over time, could demonstrate our vulnerability and complete lack of self-sufficiency. We could end up as “powerless” as the Syrian refugees.

Without electric power, we would all be thrust, literally, into the “dark” ages. What’s important now is this: What can we do to help the Syrian refugees? Human decency requires that charitable treatment be extended to those in need. If nothing else, we should pay it forward as insurance against our own vulnerability.

Roxanne Jensen, Ketchum