Letters to the Editor

Grabow letter: Refugees

Thank you for the informative Rocky Barker column, Oct. 27. I wonder how many of those opposed to the proposed refugee center in Twin Falls ever remember seeing the strange names, not just Jones and Smith, that appeared daily in the lists of those who had died while serving in the U.S. forces in our various wars. I suspect that their fathers and grandfathers who came from foreign lands in earlier periods were not welcomed warmly and may have been resented and even feared.

While we tuck in our little ones in their warm beds in secure and peaceful Idaho, let’s try to think of the terrified faces of the babies and their anguished parents that we are seeing on TV daily risking their lives in those shaky little boats, some sinking, to get to safe shores. If those babies survive and do grow up in the U.S., they may be part of our military in years to come.

Connie Grabow, Sun Valley