Letters to the Editor

Pullen letter: Students and police

There has always been and will always be students who act up in class. The entire time I was in school it was handled successfully without involving the police. We are currently at a loss as to how to handle our social ills, such as student issues, the mentally ill, homelessness, etc. And more and more we are dumping these issues onto the police. As we broaden what we think they should be doing, their job description becomes more and more blurred as they make these decisions on the fly, and it is not until one gravely steps over the line that we give this much thought. Think about it — it used to be a very long walk for a kid misbehaving in class to the courthouse. Now, with policemen on every campus, that walk has gotten so much shorter. We are criminalizing behavior that at one time maybe got you a few days suspension or after school detention. I have found with kids, they tend to live up to whatever our expectations are of them. Treat them as criminals and that is what they will become.

Carol Pullen, Boise