Letters to the Editor

Hedden-Nicely letter: Racing machines

First, the Idaho Republicans said that wacky horse racing slot machines were OK. Then, with encouragement from the Coeur d’Alene tribe, they changed their minds and outlawed horsey slot machines. The horse people pleaded with Otter to save their “culturally important” industry and veto this bill that outlawed their machines. Otter does his amazing “hidden in the drawer” veto that only shows up after the deadline. The attorney general throws up his hands and sputters that he has no authority to deal with hidden vetoes? The tribe takes its case to the Idaho Supreme Court, which explains to Otter how calendars and the Constitution work and then rules with the tribe and the slot machines are out. Several months later the high moral authority of the state happens to catch a bunch of Australian hunky dancers showing too much hind quarter in their show at the tribe’s resort and shut down alcohol sales for 10 days. This is clearly state-sponsored revenge. Our ridiculous “one party” political system is entertaining for sure, but is there any wonder why Idaho is the laughingstock of state politics?

Andy Hedden-Nicely, Boise