Letters to the Editor

Bradley letter: GOP candidates

Watched the clown car (GOP presidential? debate). Some observations: Kasich — shrill, economic growth in Ohio due to Obama saving automakers; Huckabee — evangelical minister; Bush — wimp; Rubio — flip-flopper, not trustworthy; Trump — only caught in one blatant lie; Carson — empty suit cipher; Cruz — destroy everything; Fiorina — open mouth means a lie; Christie — rude, loudmouthed, unpopular in N.J.; Paul — ?. Do we really need another 4th grade playground name-calling fiasco?

None of them bring up dumb W, who inherited a budget surplus, pushed through totally unwarranted tax cuts with no spending offset, entered two totally unnecessary wars costing trillions of taxpayer borrowed money, passed a Medicare drug benefit without paying for it, and left the economy on the verge of another Great Depression. The recent deficit increases were to try to prevent an economic disaster.

When will the undereducated base voters, not the 1 percent who finance the candidates, wake up and discover that they are continually and without exception voting against their own interests?

Monroe Bradley, Boise