Letters to the Editor

Wood-Adams letter: Preschool education

There’s no doubt that computers and technology make our lives easier and can be powerful tools in our quest for information. When we look back on our own education, though, it’s not the iPads, laptops and software that enriched our experiences. It was the instructors, other students and relationships that left lasting impressions. That’s why I was so concerned when I read the recent article suggesting that a cheap and easy fix to our need for preschool education could be found in an online reading program for 4-year-olds. Ms. Miner of the Waterford Institute said that because we measure reading, we can prepare our students for K-12 with online reading programs. In 2012, Idahoans were smart enough to see through the proposal to put laptops into the hands of high schoolers. In 2015, we should be smart enough to recognize that putting a laptop into the hands of every preschooler is just as bad an idea, if not worse. Instead, real results need real investments. There aren’t cheap and easy solutions to complex issues such as preparing our kids for school. Working collaboratively, though, Idaho must take the steps to establish accessible, early childhood learning environments for all Idaho’s children.

Teresa Wood-Adams, Boise