Letters to the Editor

Murphy letter: Jet noise

I have seen several letters addressing new aircraft/noise issues at the Boise Air Terminal and the surrounding areas.

I disagree with the notion to send them to Mountain Home. The Idaho Air National Guard has been flying fighter aircraft since 1949 out of Boise Air Terminal and is made up of men and women from the Treasure Valley.

If the noise is something you do not like, you can move to Fruitland which is the same as asking over a 1,000 Guardsmen/women to move/commute to Mountain Home (most of whom are employed full time in Boise).

If you want to know more about them and the Air National Guard ask one. They are neighbors, coworkers or employees. I agree that working with the community, which the ANG is part of, we will be able to find a solution that may not be perfect but that can be agreeable to all parties.

The key to this debate is to remove emotions and disinformation, look at the true facts, be informed and support alternatives that make sense to the community as a whole.

Kelly Murphy, Nampa