Letters to the Editor

Stroup letter: Progressives

Sherrie Goff’s letter in the Sunday edition, Oct. 25, emphasizes the scariness of progressives. It is wonderful to read about humanity helping one another, but goes too far when she and candidate Bernie Sanders start telling us that we have to give away our money. I have my own company and it can be really, really tough making many sacrifices for several years to grow the business. When was the last time Sherrie or Bernie went without a paycheck to ensure that their employees got paid?

If I work my rear end off, save my money, drive the same old car and invest well, why should I have to give my money to the person that chooses not to work and provide for their family? Yes, Sherrie, in yours and Bernie’s world, we should all be equal, everything should be “fair.” What about fairness to me?

I will be the first in line for the person that needs help. But I should not be forced to get in line for the person that won’t help themselves. No wonder it is so difficult to find anyone in their 20s that actually wants to work. Bernie and Sherrie are telling them they should not have to. Yikes.

Ingo Stroup, Star