Letters to the Editor

Priest letter: Medicaid gap

In reference to the article about the eastern Idaho couple “Life in Medicaid gap turns tragic,” the caption states that they did not qualify for Medicaid. Thanks for printing the article.

Gov. Butch Otter and our dutiful Legislature have turned down the Medicaid that Obamacare would have provided for people in this wage bracket — twice.

The only way they could have gotten Medicaid was for them to be a single parent, disabled or a minority. Medicaid in Idaho is the same now as it was before Obamacare.

My point is that the article is written to inform the public about how the poor of our state are stuck with facing many legal problems if they need medical care. They go to the E.R., get treated to the tune of thousands of dollars, then hounded by bill collectors from the hospitals and lawsuits.

Our Legislature and governor will probably reject the federally funded Medicaid of Obamacare again and more families will lose loved ones that need help like this family and others have. And the indigent fund is hard to get access to.

Rex Priest, Blackfoot