Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Maureen O’Hara

Saturday, Oct. 24, we learned that Maureen O’Hara had died in her sleep. I felt like I had lost a member of our family. She was a favorite actress of mine and I had followed her career and movies for most of my life. I was thrilled when I learned that she had moved to Boise in 2012. I was so glad that she had loving family here in this area and would be able to spend time with them. To me, Maureen has always embodied the independent and fearless attitude that combines talent, beauty, integrity and grit. We are so lucky to have her films available, so we can revisit her wonderful performances and get a bit of Maureen shining through and reaching out to touch us again. My condolences to her family for their loss. Please know that it is shared by many who loved and admired her.

Shannon Jones, Nampa