Letters to the Editor

Beyer letter: Support veterans

As regards the two-thirds nonvoters, my grandfather used to say, “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.” Over the last several election cycles the voter turnouts have been around 40 percent of the eligible voters in the general elections and even smaller percentages in the primaries.

Many have long contended that most general elections are won or lost in the primaries. Case in point Legislative District 1 here in Idaho. In 2014’s primary, incumbent Rep. George Eskridge lost his seat due almost certainly to low voter turnout. Not only did we lose a highly respected legislator, George was one of the last veterans serving in Boise.

George was a supporter of Idaho’s veterans. He did all he could to ensure that the sacrifices veterans made were recognized. That what veterans had earned was given. Now, due to a lack of participation in the process, we have representatives at every level that are more concerned with their own narrow agendas than doing the most good for all Idahoans.

It is not too early to get involved in the upcoming primaries. It is not too early to get educated as to what the candidates stand for. It is not too early ask questions. Get involved and make a difference.

Gil Beyer, ETC USN retired, Sandpoint