Letters to the Editor

Benz letter: Medicaid gap

I read with great sadness, “Life in Medicaid coverage gap turns tragic for East Idaho couple.” In Idaho, affordable health care is a luxury to be reserved for the rich. That’s because there are two types of people in this world, those who are born rich and those born to serve them. That’s the philosophy the people of Idaho vote for. It won’t change until voters decide that they don’t want a government that serves the rich at their expense.

If you think you’re better than those getting their insurance through the ACA exchange, you’re wrong. If you get your insurance through your workplace, you have government-subsidized health insurance. That’s because both the employer and the employee’s shares of the cost are paid with pretax dollars. It also means that the higher your salary is, the greater your subsidy is. That’s the Republican way. The ACA just levels the field.

Sadly, if the 78,000 people who are caught in the health care gap didn’t vote for their right to affordable health care on Election Day, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Carol Benz, Boise