Letters to the Editor

Brasuell letter: Veterans Day

With tremendous pride, the Idaho Division of Veterans Services (IDVS) looks back on 2015, the milestones reached and obstacles overcome performing our part in supporting military veterans. Our mission could not be accomplished without the contributions of our outstanding staff, dedicated volunteers, and support from Idaho communities and fellow military service organizations. On Veterans Day we say thank you to the men and women who have served and acknowledge their contributions to both the state of Idaho and the United States of America.

Now more than ever, the Idaho Division of Veterans Services has the right people in the right place to continue this trend of increasing excellence and we look forward to a rewarding 2016. Please join the Idaho Division of Veterans Services as we embrace the challenges of serving veterans spanning four generations across five major wars.

IDVS shows its gratitude by assisting veterans and their families, and we know Idahoans are equally passionate about this noble cause. If you are a veteran with questions, or know of one in need, don’t hesitate to contact the Idaho Division of Veterans Services. We would genuinely appreciate the opportunity to honor the unpaid debt of their service and sacrifice. On behalf of the Idaho Division of Veterans Services, I want to say thank you to each and every veteran and happy Veterans Day to all.

Thank you, Idaho!

David E. Brasuell, Administrator, Idaho Division of Veterans Services