Letters to the Editor

Todd letter: Campground policies

What does it take in Idaho to get high-level state government officials to do their job? Apparently it takes more than what I have done already.

On Sept. 8, the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation received a letter from me regarding my inquiries as to why motorcycle riders are discriminated against when it comes to IDPR’s campground policies. The letter was addressed to the director of IDPR, David Langhorst.

After one month of not receiving any response from IDPR, I went online and sent a short email to Gov. Butch Otter, stating my dissatisfaction with IDPR in that no one had responded to my inquiry. Now, two weeks after my email to the governor, he has not bothered to respond either.

Apparently if you ride a motorcycle in Idaho, you have no standing with this state’s government. They don’t seem to care that as a motorcycle rider you are discriminated against at state facilities, nor do they even seem to care about addressing those issues.

Mike Todd, Twin Falls