Letters to the Editor

Ellison letter: Open-campus lunch

Mayhem. Rat race. Traffic jam. Synonyms for open-campus lunch. I witness it every day. I’m shocked that we overwork administrators and police officers — for what purpose? So students can rush off for a bite to eat and race back against time, trying to beat the tardy bell to avoid consequences? It can’t be a relaxing experience — though the thrills of excessive speeding and running red lights may put them on a high so they can stay awake for the next class. How does this policy really help our teens? Are we helping them use their time effectively, or obey laws that will keep them safe? On two occasions, I have had teens pass myself and other multiple vehicles across a double yellow line, driving against traffic in their rush back to school. Recently, I witnessed younger students sneaking off and jumping in their friend’s car, then racing through the subdivision, running both stop signs and the red light onto Highway 44 ... along with three other teenage-driven vehicles racing through the red light. Are we going to wait for a deadly accident to happen before we make a change? What is the point? Who is benefiting?

Wendy Ellison, Eagle