Letters to the Editor

Dzuck letter: Jet noise

I would like to welcome Fran Ciarlo to Boise. We love our wonderful city and always welcome new citizens.

I am sorry she has found any noise she hears from Gowen Field troubling.

I, too, live close to the base, but am happy to say I have no noise issues here.

Also, if there are noise issues in her neighborhood, why wasn’t this disclosed to her before she bought her new home?

It’s not like Gowen Field is something new ... it was established in the 1940s and was a training base for pilots during World War II.

Those of us who were born here or who have lived most of their lives here are proud of the military history and don’t want to lose it.

It’s painful to see people want to change it after they move here.

Kathy Dzuck, Boise