Letters to the Editor

Love letter: Garden City Greenbelt

A belated thank you to Dave Straub for his Sept. 25 letter regarding the embarrassingly miserable condition of the Greenbelt path from Glenwood east through Plantation Island where Boise City takes over.

This summer I had to scrape a skater off the island who’d performed an unceremonious face-plant. She wasn’t badly hurt, but this is a serious injury waiting to happen.

Appreciated the clarification that this is likely the county’s responsibility. I’d left several messages with Garden City with no returned calls. Not sure I’d be more successful than has Mr. Straub with the county, but it’s worth the effort. It’s as traveled as any other section of the Greenbelt, so they should either fix it or hand it over to Boise City, which has maintained most everything east of there admirably.

Plantation Island is a beautiful and quiet patch of land with a remote feel and amazing potential. Building homes there won’t happen due to footbridges at each end. So imagine a small park off the bike path with a playground, bike racks and a couple of picnic tables.

A small committee and fundraiser dedicated to making this an area we can all be proud of is a great idea.

Rob Love, Northwest Boise