Letters to the Editor

Tikker letter: Hillary Clinton

With the killing of students in Roseburg, Ore., Hillary Clinton has another great answer. Make the gun manufacturers responsible for those killed. These people don’t write laws and have no idea who winds up with the guns. I don’t see any car manufacturers being held responsible.

Now when you are in charge of several people’s security in foreign countries, that’s a responsibility. She has a colonel in charge of several Navy Seals and several Army Rangers requesting more help because of that dangerous situation. So what does Hillary do? She gets rid of them and hires the Blue Mountain Group who carry no ammo and the Feb. 17 Libyan Brigade who took pictures of the compound’s safe havens. Not one shot was fired in defense of our people. The people who tried to help were told to stand down. Hillary has never been held accountable for any scandals. But that’s our good liberals.

Al Tikker, Meridian