Letters to the Editor

Scanlan letter: Importance of wills

I hope this letter reaches all parents of blended families regarding their estate planning. If you haven’t a will, please prepare one. Probate law in Idaho states that if you die intestate (without a will) your half of your estate goes to your surviving spouse. If the surviving spouse dies without a will, the remainder of the estate goes to the biological children of the surviving spouse. In other words, if you die before your spouse without a written will assuming your children would share in the proceeds of the remaining estate when your surviving spouse dies, your children receive nothing even if you verbally expressed your wishes to your trusted representative/executor. If it’s not in writing, it won’t happen. Greed somehow manages to raise its ugly head and ruin families. A simple trip to an estate attorney could be your best gift to your loved ones.

Sandy Calhoun Scanlan, Boise and Sun City West, Ariz.