Letters to the Editor

Nielsen letter: Life after death

A common argument that many Bible believers make is, “It must be awful to live life with no hope of any life after death.” They usually continue with, “So why don’t you become a Christian and look forward to eternal life after you die?”

Well, dear reader, if you actually read the whole Bible, you will discover that for more than a thousand years nobody expected any kind of existence after death. I recently offered $100 for the name of anyone in the Old Testament who died and went to heaven. There were no takers.

The first two-thirds of the Holy Bible are by and about people who believed in the Old Time Religion. “No life after death” was decreed by God himself (Genesis 3:19, 22-24). Adam lived for 930 years but he eventually died and turned to dust. We are not told how long Eve lived, she was just a woman.

Many centuries later, liberal Jews like Jesus picked up new ideas about life after death from neighboring peoples. But conservative Bible believers stayed with the Old Time Religion of their ancestors.

Today there are millions of conservatives who do not believe in life after death. Are you one of them?

Ralph Nielsen, Moscow