Letters to the Editor

Montrose letter: Gun-free zones

Gun free zone response to Peter Humm (Oct. 17 letter).

To start, I am not against people getting a concealed weapons permit for protection. In America, it is your right. But saying criminals are choosing gun-free zones on purpose has no merit. People carrying guns will stop mass shootings have no merit. The stats John R. Lott uses have weak merit. The FBI refutes Peter’s gun-free zone myth. Check out armedwithreason (Debunking the gun free zone myth) by Evan Defillips . Examples — Tacoma Mall shooting, a legally armed citizen pulled his gun and told the shooter to stand down. The shooter shot him five times and he is paralyzed for life. Another armed citizen decided not to shoot his gun in fear of hitting another innocent bystander. At a CiCi’s Pizza in Vegas, a couple killed two police officers having lunch. A legally armed citizen pulled his gun and he was killed. The Columbine High School had an armed guard on duty the day of the shooting. Just because you are carrying a gun, it does not make you a perfect marksman. A shooter who has no respect of life, especially their own, is not concerned about you being armed.

Todd Montrose, Meridian