Letters to the Editor

Martin letter: Liberal thinking

I read Gary Bennett’s letter to the editor with amusement and astonishment as to the length the far left will go to expound the constant dribble and rhetoric of liberal thinking. I don’t care that he trashed the GOP sellout John Boehner, but conservative patriotic Americans are the front line keeping the country from being ineffective beyond repair. The damage done: 1) training Syrian rebels at the tune of $500 million, negative results, no accountability. 2) The plan to allow Syrian refugees into our country, latest estimate 80,000 per month along with the illegals crossing our Southern borders. 3) Sanctuary cities on the rise along with their crimes. 4) U.N. Ambassador Samantha Powers before the U.N. with her concern of Syrian LGBT, and no mention of Christian Syrians. One would have to surmise that they are expendable. 5) The Iran deal a majority of Americans didn’t want but your president, always looking for praise and honor, intimidated the “do nothing Congress.”

I am limited to space, so I just have to ask: is this the country you want? Just lay down your arms, with no borders, common language, or culture. Condolences to my dad, a World War II vet.

Gene Martin, Emmett