Letters to the Editor

Layne letter: Advertisements

I have yet to meet anyone who dislikes commercials more than I do. From “your home your way “to “one call that’s all.” I get totally turned off. I know, I have the option to turn them off as well, and I do and that’s OK, but last week I received a mail advertisement from an area mortuary that, in my view, is tacky, disgusting and totally takes the cake. Others I know who received one feel the same way I do.

I am offered a chance to go to a funeral home and eat free pizza on them while they explain to me all the benefits of my being buried by them. I begin to conjure up visions of them giving me the grand tour of the embalming room where perhaps I’ll lie some day. Meanwhile this “Digger O’Dell” is greedily rubbing his hands together and mentally sizing me up for just the right size box to put me in. It really makes you think, “Wow, I can’t wait.” Well, in fact I am going to wait, so take me off of your mailing list. I’m in no way interested in you or your pizza.

Don L. Layne, Cascade