Letters to the Editor

Langland letter: Anti abortion activists

The “millenial activist ruse.....” in Statesman, Oct. 16, does much to cause confusion. Can’t those human male anti-abortion activists be accused of stalking women? How is it possible in this age of promised freedom can human males, who do not marry and have children, can pass edicts requiring women who are unprepared for parenthood to bring children into the world? Men who consider themselves as men of God who cannot be burdened by a family?

My education in the Catholic school system taught me that there is a God who created the universe and who represented himself in the person of Jesus Christ. Why don’t these anti-abortionist stalkers tell others about the God I was taught about and his son, the person of Jesus Christ? Do they believe they are “gods” themselves who do not need to educate others about the God the Bible tells us about? Who are these people who consider themselves so important by inflicting themselves on the lives of women?

Cecilia B. Langland, Boise