Letters to the Editor

Silva letter: Bears

What a shame our state is getting known for torturing ponies, abusing cattle and now add to the list a mama bear who taught her cubs to eat apples. A decision to give them a shot means shoot the mother and tear the cubs away from the mom who bore them, raised them and taught them to eat apples.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game sought the easy way out and destroyed the mother because it might be too much work to return her with her cubs to the wild.

With our “wild” being reduced for God’s creatures, maybe a good alternative would be for the Regional Supervisor Steve Schmidt and his hardworking department to plant some apple trees in the woods. For many years bears had plenty of food to stay put in their habitat. With their menu and territory being reduced by humans, it is time for a simple alternative of planting something for them to eat.

Dave Silva, Boise