Letters to the Editor

Verdolini letter: Gun control research

Concerning the gun control “public health” opinion piece by Mike Stobbe, the good writer leaves off a primary reason gun owners object to tax dollars being used for “research,” and that is the process and predetermined results.

The research is always forwarded to researchers with a political agenda, always comes up with results that the gun control people like and always produces data that is deeply flawed.

For example, remember when the Brady campaign touted “research” to state that every day 14 children are killed by guns? Sounded ominous. What they forgot to note is that the “researchers” had to redefine “children” to include adults up to age 24, and included drug dealers and gang-related violence. If folk defined “children” as kids 14 and under, the death rate drops to about one a day. One too many but not 14.

Why fund bogus studies to get predetermined results used by self-serving politicians to take away a fundamental right?

Jim Verdolini, Boise