Letters to the Editor

Seale letter: Christian values

Is it a coincidence that America is becoming hostile to Christian values and ISIS has openly declared war on all countries of the cross? It should be obvious now that America is helping ISIS by holding back our military, allowing them to use our military equipment and pretending to conduct a bombing campaign. In the news American top-level officials are doctoring and changing military reports concerning “progress against ISIS,” in other words, they are lying to us. It is a shameful, needless tragedy beyond words. How can America turn a blind eye to the human atrocities occurring? How have we lost our moral courage, and how did homosexuality become America’s great “moral cause?” A good article on SelwynDuke.com, Surrender Like a Boy Scout, makes a great point; “It’s essentially impossible to compartmentalize widespread sexual vice and keep general virtue intact ... vice corrupts the heart, weakens the mind, clouds judgment and creates the desire for justification of relativism (e.g., who’s to say what right and wrong is, anyway? Don’t impose your ‘values’ on me.),” sound familiar? This is what’s happened to America’s moral courage. Immorality suffocates and undermines moral courage, selflessness, trust and ultimately human freedom. Are we really “progressing?”

John Seale, Caldwell